How To Install Your One Spot Social Profile On Your Website

One Spot Social is the easiest way to display all of your social networks on one simple page.
Today, I’m going to show you how to embed your entire One Spot Social profile in a responsive widget on any website that you can copy/paste HTML into.
Sign up for your free One Spot Social account if you don’t have one already here:
Customize your profile information, picture, and social networks you’d like to display on your page.
When you’re happy with how your profile looks, click the “Embed” button.
Grab the snippet of code from that page, or modify this code below with your username:
<script data-oss=”closer” src=”” async=”true”></script>

That’s it!
Anywhere you add this line of code to your HTML (once per page), there will be a widget of your profile embedded onto the page.
This can be great for your About page on your website, or a footer of your blog posts.
Here’s an example of our Founder Ryan’s profile being embedded directly into our WordPress blog post: